Data Backups

Your websites are fully backed–up with us

We make back–ups of your web site content on a regular basis, which implies that you never risk losing your own personal web site files, apps, databases, email messages, etc. as a result of hack assaults or unintentional deletions on your end. Moreover, through the File Manager incorporated into the Web Control Panel, you will be able to make manual backups of your web site content anytime. Just mark and zip the file(s) you wish to back up and our system will save it for you in the location that you have picked.


A safe web app firewall program

Protect your web applications (Wordpress, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc.) against hacker attacks with the help of ModSecurity. ModSecurity is a firewall software built to defend web applications against hack assaults. We’ve configured the firewall program in such a way as to stave off all common web site assaults immediately. By default, ModSecurity is enabled for all domains, but you can easily disable it for any web site that you want.

VPN Access

Safe, private web browsing

In case you’d like to remain truly anonymous while browsing the web, our company offers you a simple option. With any of our shared hosting plans, you will be able to gain VPN access. We will route all your incoming and outgoing traffic through one of our virtual private network data centers, making your electronic footprint untraceable. And you’ll have VPN access irrespective of what web–connected device you use.

Service Scalability

A cloud web hosting service that spreads out along with your web site’s requirements

Our custom–built shared hosting system allows all your sites to grow as much as you’d like them to. Scalability is ensured since all services are taken care of by a number of servers instead of a single one. This way, you will be able to use as many of the assigned web hosting resources as you wish and you’ll never be affected by server excessive load issues or extended maintenance procedures. Moreover, you’ll be able to upgrade your web hosting plan with additional features or even upgrade to a more feature-rich web hosting package anytime you need to.

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  • All of our plans come with absolutely no setup service fees along with a 30 day reimbursement guarantee. Our common reply time is usually twenty minutes.
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  • Have a quick look at the allocations and features supplied by every one of our website hosting bundles. You can start with a smaller package and upgrade with only a mouse click as your web site evolves.
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